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Why we found the forum......


Xiang Xiang

Founder, Website Creator, President

As a person who has been through many unbearable stressful events in life and under many pressure related to family and school, I have always wished to have someone to whom I can express my thoughts, feelings and troubles to without worries. Having been in such a position before, I built this website community just for people to spill out the troubles bottled inside them anonymously.  

Hpone Thit

Co-Founder & Vice-President

The family dynamic in Myanmar is one that can be very tense. At times, you feel helpless and without a safe space to voice your emotions and thoughts. I have experienced what this feeling like a first hand so I took it upon myself to provide that safe space that I was denied. It is my utmost wish that EXPRESS it can help everyone feel better.I believe it is time for Burmese teens to have online support just like in America, England, Australia and other countries.


Thet Myat Noe

Co-Founder & General Manager

People in Myanmar, especially the older generations, have developed such a negative stigma around mental health so much so that many people do not know the importance of mental health. I have been told time and time again that mental health isn’t “real” which is why I decided to join this project and help build a community where everyone feels welcomed and validated.

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