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INTROVERT's beautiful ways of self-expression

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

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The world of an introvert is like that of a beautiful bud that blooms only when the weather is perfect.

But once it does, oh my, the sight is just breathtakingly refreshing.

When a situation clicks perfectly with their heart and mind, they come out of their shell so superbly that you would not believe that in reality, they are in fact introverts. They seem so spontaneous, totally unpredictable. Every gesture of theirs and every single expression has the potential of warming up your heart.

So if all this while, your image of an introvert was that of a boring, least expressive and mysterious personality, you were partly wrong. Partly, because mysterious quotient remains very much alive in these silent ones. Rest all, might not be so true.

Some of the many beautiful ways, introverts express themselves in, are:

1. They dance when there is no one around

They are generally powerhouses of varied talents. Talents, that they keep to themselves. And when those walls shut out the world, their body and mind form a perfect association and break-free. They go all funnily weird and dance like crazy.

This is how they re-energize after spending a day choking up on words outside. Believe me, if you happen to peep into this beautiful sight someday, there are high chances that you will instantly fall head over heels for them. But do the peeping very stealthily. Because if you drop that lamp, they will scream bloody murder and stay in their room for days to come.

Getting them drunk is another way you can see them unfurl. But the next morning, they will leave the room before you will even wake up, probably to never return.

2. They won’t congratulate you amidst all the hullabaloo. They will do it personally and genuinely.

While the crowd will be going on all ‘yay’ over your accomplishment, a silent one will wish you personally. This way they feel assured that their feelings of admiration for you are delivered straight to you, and not lost in the crowd. And this does not mean, they won’t congratulate you with all others. They will, but so calmly that it won’t even come to your notice. And after all the noises subside, they will wish you again. At that, some might find it an act overdone, but in reality, they are just very happy for you and want to convey it clearly.

3. They are fun in the most peculiar of ways

A group of 12 is having a good laugh.

The thirteenth one is lost in their own world.

Everyone is silent now.

And suddenly, out of nowhere, the 13th one bursts into laughter.

That 13th one, by the way, is an introvert.

They have little people in their own head, churning the wheels of their imaginations. Sometimes thinking about the things they were about to say but did not tickle their funny bone, some other times a situation that they created in their heads does the trick. They do not always desire a happening environment to feel entertained because the little people in their heads are comic enough.

And when their laugh goes loose amidst all the silence, they seem so much bubbly and alive at the moment.

4. In troublesome times, their care and support will move you like nothing before

They might not express it in words, but, if after sleeping your woes of a long and unsatisfying day away, you wake up to the smell of hot coffee and sunny side up on your bedside, rest assured that you have fallen in love with a beautiful person. Their warm touch comes from deep feelings of care and that’s why every time they hold your hand sensing your sadness, your woes just vanquish in a breeze.

5. The words that they can’t find to voice out, are scribbled into an expressive poetry

Ask for their opinion on your clothes and they might not be able to come up with anything more than, “you look fine.” I know how frustrating it can be for the person on the receiving end. But then just wait around, because while they are giving you hasty compliments, they are simultaneously typing out a beautiful poem for you in their cell phone. And yes, their poems give a glimpse of their beautiful minds. Such well-crafted summaries of their feelings delivered straight from their hearts. Now, who would not want such poetic compliments?

And it is not just the poetry that they do on the side. They are also amazing artists!

6. They are extremely sensitive to others’ pain, and those others do not necessarily have to be their close pals

They are sensitive human beings and care a lot. Your suffering, is just as painful to them, as it is for you. They might not express it to you directly, and instead, might ask others who are close to you. But this only shows how genuinely concerned they are for you.

7. They are banks of knowledge and keep shedding it out, as little surprises

They know a bit too much about events from around the globe, and those tiny of things from school that you missed out. However, they won’t join in when others are expressing their smartness out loud. Ask them for a doubt personally, and to your surprise, they will have the right answer to it. They always do.

8. They love giving surprises but always screw up in most adorable of ways

Introverts are the ones that are genuinely happy in your bright days and genuinely sad in your pitch dark nights. And they always want to show it in the most beautiful of ways to you, one of which is, by giving surprises. They go way and beyond in thinking of most unique ways to get you all awestruck. But more often than not, their hard work ends up being a total bust. Although it may be a screw-up, if you have a keen eye and mind, you will understand that the amount of hard work they put into their surprise for you is a direct outcome of the amount of genuinely good feelings they have for you. Now, that’s what counts, right?

9. They own the stage, the audience, the entire atmosphere

They walk around you in defiance, all huffy and puffy. But, once they get on the stage (to deliver a speech, to dance, to sing, to act), they leave you hypnotized. The blacked-out crowd reminds them of their private space where they break out, the empowering spotlights are the motivating cherries on top. This is how they give the world an insight into their inner strength. And just as curtains fall and they exit by the wings, they go straight to the green room. Mostly to make quick calls to their friends asking them to pick them up at the earliest. Because compliments are something they are not very good at accepting without getting all awkward. That does not mean they don’t like them. Just in-box them a heart-warming compliment, and they might even shed a tear in their private space.

10. When they bite the bullet to mouth the words, they do it surprisingly well

They have a little philosopher residing in the deep corners of their hearts. And only when a situation absolutely demands it, they will let the philosopher do the talking, leaving the listener amazed and inspired.

Everyone has at least some aspect that makes them different and beautiful. In the case of introverts, there are many. The major difference between them and the rest of the world is that they express their beautiful side (which they don’t even consider is beautiful), silently but nonetheless, movingly.


Ways introverts express that they really love you

They Tell You What Inspires Them

They're sharing with you all the little bits of their innermost experience, and that, to an introvert, is the ultimate expression of love: letting you into the place where they thrive.

They Want You To Be A Bigger Part Of Their Everyday Life

An introvert loves you when they want you to be at their house hanging out, doing nothing but talking and ordering dinner on a Friday night, not when they want to take you out to parties and on fancy dates and change their online relationship status. Introverts live within the little moments, and to let you into them is to show you that they think of you as a part of themselves (which is the greatest expression of love for anyone, really).

You Start To Become Their "Person," In That You're The First To Know Whenever Anything Happens

You know about their mood and what the doctor said and about the things they're up to each day. You're the first person to get a text when there's news about work, the first person to know all the details about the friend that drives them crazy, and so on. There's nothing about their life that comes as a total surprise to you, because you've just integrated yourself as their go-to-human.

They'll Do Decidedly "Extroverted" Things With You

Despite wanting you to be around for lazy Sundays in bed, they also want to take you to the movies and out to dinner and to their parents' for Thanksgiving. All the little milestones that never mattered before all of a sudden seem not only seem important, but desirable.

They Show You The Vulnerable Parts Of Themselves

Introverts are sensitive people. Their inner lives and minds are always bustling, so they don't need that much external stimulation to keep them satisfied. They naturally feel more vulnerable (even if that's just a product of being more self-aware than others), and so to share with you the parts of them that are the most sensitive and sacred is to honestly let go and let you truly love them.

They Process Their Thoughts And Feelings With You, And They Use You As A Sounding Board

Introverts get their energy and sense of meaning from conclusions they arrive at and thoughts they create and ideas they come up with; many feel a desire for seclusion simply to be able to process their never-ending stream of thought with a little more clarity. To let you into that process is incredibly special, and lets you see who they truly are (which is the equivalent of love to them, but more on that later).

They're Intimate With You In Non-Sexual Ways

They share with you their favourite books, their art, the project they have in mind, a story about the time they did the thing they're proudest of. They teach you that intimacy is so much more than sexual, and prove that they have that Inner Self game at the next damn level.

They Give You Feedback

Honest feedback. Genuine feedback. The kind of blunt feedback that only comes from people who genuinely care whether or not your life is together. They tell you how they really feel, and what they really think, and don't really worry about "people-pleasing" as much as they do telling you something they think would be honestly valuable for you to know.

They Lose Their Filter

They shed a layer of self-consciousness and let themselves just say and do whatever they genuinely want. It's a sign that they're arriving at a level of comfort with you that they only reserve for the people closest to them.

They Become Increasingly More Romantic As Time Goes On

While for most people the honeymoon phase goes as quickly as it comes, introverts — who generally romanticize their lives — only get more so as time goes on. The ultimate way you'll know that an introvert loves you is that they go out of their way, more and more often, to give you things you'd love and create some beautiful aesthetic as a background for your date-night-in. Introverts are secret romantics, and they more they let you into that, the more they let you into them.



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